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We know that many people think getting a mortgage can be frustrating, but our mission at Peoples State Bank is to minimize frustration and paperwork. We make the process of getting your mortgage loan quick and painless. You found the house that was perfect for you — not for anyone else! You can trust our professionals to help you choose the mortgage loan that is best too. We eliminate your confusion from application to closing with our promise of "Less paperwork and more personal service".


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You may be worried that it's impossible to refinance and cash out your home equity due to the current economic climate. We assure you it's not! You've been faithfully making payments, and the equity is yours. Tap into that wealth if you need it. Programs are available that will help you reach your goals.

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Our mortgage professionals treat you with the respect due a valued customer and give you the personal attention you deserve. You are making a commitment in buying a house, refinancing a mortgage, or tapping into your home equity. So it's only fair that we make a commitment to you: we will help you qualify, apply and be approved for the ideal mortgage loan for you.

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